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We have 30+ years of experiences for give you better quality results.

As a global entity, we believe in the power of colour to generate emotions and perfections. we commit our resources to develop products and services aimed at addressing different customer needs while banking on our flexibility and technological capacity to realize this goal.


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Liquid painting

This type of painting, exploiting the chemical and physical properties of the paint, gives life to numerous visual and tactile effects, creating particular finishes such as smooth - rough - glossy - opaque - metallic - rubber effect - etc

Powder Coating

Powder coating consists in the use of synthetic resin-based paint powders called thermosetting powders. It is a process used both for aesthetic finishes and for surface protection.

ED Coating

Painting by ED COATING (cataphoresis) is a painting treatment capable of giving elements in iron, steel and other alloys (current conductors) considerable resistance to corrosion; it is characterized by the uniform deposition of an epoxy or acrylic resin on the surface of the element, 

Carbon Fiber Painting

Painting carbon fiber is a labour-intensive task that yields sometimes unpredictable results, which is why many professionals with auto painting careers believe that painting carbon fibre isn’t a good choice. In fact, 

Parts assembly and disassemble

After the pre-treatment and painting processes, we also provide a complete service of mechanical assembly, component assembly, sticker application and kit packaging. 

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To grow into a customer-centric organization build on strong principles of perfection that can guide customers into realizing an iconic colorful life.

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